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Shirobon Presents: Chiptune for Serum

by Shirobon



Have you ever wanted to make Chiptune but can't get your head around how to use a gameboy? Or perhaps you already know how to but want a fun and easy way to get your ideas down? Well now you can!

Announcing my 'Chiptune For Serum' preset pack for Xfer Record's fantastic soft synth Serum!

Pack includes:

- 100 presets

- 10 LSDJ wavetables (fully automatable)

- Gameboy pulse recordings + 20 wav channel waveforms

- 10 Gameboy noise channel recordings on the noise oscillator

- BONUS arpeggio presets for Xfer Record's Cthulhu


I wanted to create a way to make all the sounds you can on the Nintendo Gameboy but in a DAW environment. I've played around with various plugins but nothing seemed to get it quite right for me. After installing Serum i experimented with it's possibilities and realized i could redraw Gameboy wavetables into it with very satisfying results! As well as have the unique white noise of the gameboy recorded into the noise oscillator of serum! From there I've spent the past few months working on this pack and making sure everything i could make on the Gameboy from simple to intricate sounds can be faithfully remade in Serum! I guess you can consider this my 'Secret Weapon' :)

All sounds from the demos (including drums) are presets taken from this pack! Presets include bass, drums, FX, Leads and Synth sounds! Most of the presets are pure Gameboy sounds but I've also included a few that use the Gameboy waveforms are create new fresh sounds like FM slap basses and lush pads!

After purchase you will find a .txt file included with your download with a link to where you can download and install the presets :)

NOTE: You will need Serum 1.107+ for these presets to work. Make sure to update if the presets aren’t loading. For use of bonus arpeggios you will need Cthulhu 1.16a1+ to load them.


released November 23, 2016


"This thing is bitchin'! Favourite preset: Flirting" - Chipzel (Super Hexagon, Interstellaria)

"This is a game changer!" - Meganeko (Electronic Artist)

"this is a lot of fun... Tons of awesome content, crafted creatively. I Love it!" - Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania)



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